philosophy-optionalSocio Political Philosophy Content 2Socio Political Philosophy Content 1Socio Political PhilosophyPhilosophy of Religion ContentPhilosophy of ReligionIndian Philosophy Volume 2 ContentWestern Philosophy Volume 1Western Philosophy Volume 1 ContentWestern Philosophy Volume 2Western Philosophy Volume 2 ContentIndian Philosophy Volume 1Indian Philosophy Volume 1 ContentIndian Philosophy Volume 2Philosophy Question Bank

Philosophy Optional – Printed Study Material (English) – Mitra’s IAS


Philosophy Optional – Printed Study Material (English) – Mitra's IAS is the printed study material of Mitra'a IAS given out to enrolled students and correspondence courses. The set contains total of 7 booklets covering the entire syllabus of Philosophy Optional Paper for UPSC.

The booklet in the whole set are mentioned below:

  1. Western Philosophy – Volume 1
  2. Western Philosophy – Volume 2
  3. Indian Philosophy – Volume 1
  4. Indian Philosophy – Volume 2
  5. Philosophy of Religion
  6. Socio-Political Philosophy
  7. Philosophy Question Bank

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