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Dear Friends!

       With less than one month to go you might be preparing in full swing for civil services (mains) examination. Most of the focus is towards General Studies. General Studies is the most time consuming portion of the syllabus. Candidates spend most of their time in preparing and revising current stuffs as a part of General Studies. They have huge pile of notes, newspaper cuttings, internet materials and coaching stuffs to revise at the end. As the time approaches one has the tendency to revise whatever they had read till now. However this might not be possible when time is too less as one has to revise optional also.

One needs to consolidate their preparation with the last minute revisions of important topics which are important for the mains.  Keeping this in mind, I had prepared the set of only 100 questions which are probable for mains and are considered to be most important in various respects. Most of the topics which you might have read in newspapers or internet or any other sources are compiled here for your ready-to-read revision mode with answer.

Now the question is how to make best use of this booklet? After giving one reading you can identify the questions which you know already or have some clues about the answer. You can skip those in second reading. Whereas those questions which are new to you, you can mark it and revise it atleast two more times to have the best recall during the exam.

Moreover, the content of some of the questions are elaborated more than what is asked to give a complete picture of the issue to the Candidates. Most of the answers can be used as a part of some other question in the examination. Some of the content of these answers can be part of the essays in broader sense.

As of now, I am releasing the Vol-I of the booklet and Vol-II will be released within a week. Supplement your study material with this booklet for quick revision.

Prepare Well and all the very best for the mains examination!

Best Wishes!

India Bhai

(Ashutosh Gupta)

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