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Internal Security

How to use video?


Bharat Bhusan

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Que: For how long can I view the videos?
Ans. The time allotted for video lectures is twice the time of the course/module for ex.– if duration of course/module is 100 hours, then the students can view lectures for 200 hrs.

Que: Can I view a particular video more than twice?
Ans. Yes, a video can be viewed any number of times.
However the total view time for the entire course should not exceed the allotted time (i.e. twice the duration of the course/module).

Que: What will be the validity of the course?
Ans. The course will remain valid for 18 months from the date of purchase/subscription.

Que: How and when I’ll receive current updates?
Ans. Students will be provided updates of additional current issues through video lectures before Prelims and Main exam through youtube links.

Que: What will be the content of the updates?
Ans. Since video lectures are already updated, so the current updates will only cover the recent issues just before Prelims exam like Economic survey, Budget, India year book ,etc
Updates for mains will cover discussions on probable topics and expected questions including recent issues.

Que: Can I clear my doubts?
Ans. YES, you can call academic support number. Which you can ask after Subscribing it.

Que: How my test papers will be evaluated?
Ans. A dedicated test engine has been created for objective type tests.
For subjective tests you can either courier your copy or upload it and mail us.

Que: Will I be provided study material?
Ans. Yes, hard copy of all the study materials will be provided to the students.

Que: What is the system requirement for viewing video lectures?
Ans. Videos can be viewed on any widows operating system based desktop/laptop. Videos are not compatible with (Mac OS Apple)

Que: What is the total size and duration of the programs?


6 Module


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