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  • Environment Notes by NIOS is a Must Read Book for IAS Prelims & Mains
  • This book has two booklets with Spiral Binding for ease of Reading
  • It is printed in Premium Quality Paper
  • This book is recommended for IAS Preparation by Mrunal.org and ForumIAS.com
  • This book has 36 Chapters covering entire Environment and Ecology Chapter


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  • Environment is a very Popular Source for Preparation of Environment and Ecology for Civil Services Prelims and Mains Examinations.
  • NIOS Environment is recommended by Mrunal , ForumIAS.com and Insights

Module 1: Environment through Ages

  1. Origin of Earth and Evolution of the Environment
  2. Environment and Human Society
  3. Degradation of Natural Environment

Module 2: Ecological Concepts and Issues

  1. Principles of Ecology
  2. Ecosystem
  3. Natural Ecosystem
  4. Human Modified Ecosystems

Module 3: Human Impact on Environment

  1. Human societies
  2. Deforestation

Module 4: Contemporary Environment Issues

  1. Environmental Pollution
  2. Environment and Health
  3. Disasters and their Management
  4. National Environmental Issues
  5. Global Environmental Issues

Module 5 – Environmental Conversation

  1. Biodiversity Conversation
  2. Conservation of other Natural Resources
  3. Conservation of Soil and Land
  4. Water and Energy Conservation

Module 6: Sustainable Development

  1. Origin and concept of Sustainable Development
  2. Modern Agriculture
  3. Concept of Sustainable Agriculture
  4. Cleaner Technology

Module 7 – Environmental Management

  1. Environmental Legislation
  2. Environmental Impact assessment
  3. Environmental Related Institutions and Organisations
  4. Environmental Ethics and Gandhian Approach

Module 8A – Water Resource Management

  1. Global Circulation of Water
  2. Ground water Resources
  3. Fresh water Resources
  4. Methods of water Harvesting
  5. Water Conservation at Different Levels

Module 8B – Energy and Environment

  1. Importance of Energy in society
  2. Non-Renewable Sources of energy
  3. Renewable Sources of energy – I
  4. Renewable Sources of energy – II
  5. Energy Conservation


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