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Dear Friends,


Probability and Prediction at UPSC Prelims? Most of us say, it’s not possible in UPSC examination. But still in back of our mind we study selectively in all the subjects. Why?

We segregate the topics in the priority of importance and probability in the examination and then we study and revise them. So in other words, we are studying on the basis of prediction and probability. So why not study those important topics in a systematic way!

Let’s see the trends of questions on geography in Prelims. UPSC has asked 11(2011), 10(2012), 20(2013), 18(2014), 16(2015) and only 3 questions in 2016. So should we expect even less questions in prelims 2017 on geography? However, in the era of unpredictability of UPSC we can expect atleast 15-20 questions in geography and environment which will determine the fate for most of the candidates. So geography should not be taken too casually!

What is the use of this booklet? 100 Most Probable Questions are compilations of most probable questions from important topics in Geography and Environment. The booklet consists of conceptual, factual and map based questions from geography and environment which are most important for prelims. The best way to study this booklet is to first solve the questions fully and then go through the explanations. After finding those questions where you are weak, try to read that topic fully from any geography book which you read. This will help you to complete almost all the important topics in geography for prelims 2017.

The topics are important, not the questions. So prepare these topics well rather than memorizing these questions. All the predictions and probability herein are based on past year’s trend and areas from which UPSC generally asks questions.

Go ahead with the prelims final revision!

All the best!

                                                                                                                                                                                India Bhai
                                                                                                                                                                        (Ashutosh Gupta)

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    I would like to thank you flavido and India Bhai also that content is very useful for every student. And i am really happy to have it .

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