The prices shown on Flavido are higher than what I get at the xerox shop?

Flavido prices can be broken into two components :-

  • Printing charges
  • Delivery charges in case of FREE shipping.
  • A suitable amount provided to students who made their notes available to us.


Current Pricing ( As of  December 8)

  • Currently the prices shown include shipping charges. Shipping is done via delivery ( by air ) and cost 110 rs/ Kg to provide you a faster shipping experience
  • Currently shipping makes upto 40-50% of the product cost. Hence you may find that prices on flavido are a little higher than the xerox shops. Thus notes being sold for 1700 weigh almost 4 kgs which costs upto Rs. 450 whose price is currently included in the product price.

Future Pricing Norms

  • We have received tremendous response and a lot of feedback from our users. Going by the feedback, we have decided to separate the product price and shipping charges
  • Thus we would be able to bring in more transparency and better comparison and price competitiveness.


Pricing on Flavido is aimed to done according to the below criteria:-

  • Shipping will be separated from the product charge to make pricing transparent.
  • Flavido charges a  base rate of Re 0.80 per page  for all items.
  • In some cases, the student who provided these notes may charge a small fee per page
  • The above incentive to students encourages students to provide quality study material in a neat handwriting without missing any classes. ( In case you would like to sell your handwritten notes, write to us with complete details and drop us an email at  You can fix a suitable price to sell your study material )



Quality of Material

  • All material sold on Flavido goes for high quality testing. This means that you get nothing but the best.
  • The quality of material offered is that of print out quality unless otherwise specified.
  • The content made available is curated for quality by professionals with experience in the examination – so that you do not end up buying study material that is not relevant to the examination process.

Any suggestions or ideas?

Feel free to drop us an email at