IAS 2017 : Decoding the Syllabus of General Studies

Prelims – Cum – Mains


  • Complete coverage of syllabus for Prelims & Mains 2017
  • Programme includes GS Prelims + GS Mains Paper I, II, III & IV and Essay
  • Descriptive Essay Writing Class cum Tests
  • Prelims Current Affairs Classes in the month of June, 2017
  • Mains Current Affairs Updation Class after Prelims
  • Team of Nine Expert Faculties for different areas


  • Topic wise tests for Mains & Prelims
  • Answer Writing Sessions
  • GS Mains Tests Series includes 20 Tests
  • Prelims Test Series includes 30 Tests
  • Mains Test Series start in November 2016 and Prelims Test Series to be started in December 2016


  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • Monthly Current Affairs Study Material
Regular : Batch 1 Starts : 20th July
Batch 2 Starts : 18th August
Weekend Batch Starts : 6th August

“One size fits all” is not working anymore. One needs to have a specialized strategy to tackle each section. Keeping this scenario in mind, we have designed the program that focuses on Mains and Prelims. It covers basics to advance of syllabus.


In CSE-2015, the good performance in General Studies (Mains) and Essay has aided most of the aspirants in attaining top slot in final list. This in itself proves relevance of scoring high in GS Mains + Essay for clearing the exam and that too with good Rank.

Though Mains exam syllabus is very vast and dynamic, it requires multidimensional approach to handle this. Except the traditional part of the syllabus all topics are interrelated and necessitate extraordinary efforts in not just about getting right information but in its deep analysis.

The program includes Compulsory pre-class readings, class lectures, and tests, answer writing session, essay and one-to-one feedback system.


Qualifying GS-Prelims on the basis of few strong areas is certainly the thing of the past. For Prelims, General Studies paper was never that much crucial as it is from now on after the change in the scheme of the exam (CSAT being Qualifying). The unpredictability in the proportional composition of various areas renders masters of one area vulnerable i.e. the master of geography may doom if the questions from that area are disproportionately low. What should be done in this challenging scenario? The answer is ” One has to be the jack of all trades and master of few”. No one can afford to ignore any area. We will help you in preparing an approach- unique to each subject area.


We will provide you complete study material (Prelims cum Mains). We believe that the classroom learning is incomplete without material and vice versa.


Dictation, even on most frivolous things is the method of the past or more pertinently. We have given this method an unceremonious burial. We believe that all human beings and entities should strive for efficiency. We provide notes, explain things, encourage you to ask questions and answer your queries. We take regular tests, provide model hints and do copy correction within a prescribed timespan. We will help you to develop a interdisciplinary mindset so that an aspirant can handle UPSC exam pattern efficiently and effectively.


We will provide you complete study material (Prelims cum Mains). We believe that the classroom learning is incomplete without material and vice versa.


Yes, as mentioned earlier we will take regular tests. It will help you to monitor your progress and also helps us to know whether someone requires additional support or not. Our GS Mains Test Series and Prelims Test Series is part of this program. Mains test series will be conducted from December 2016 and Prelims test series will be conducted form January 2017.

Mains Test Series

  • 20 tests, including 12 sectional and 8 mock tests.
  • There are 12 sectional tests. Idea is to cover the entire subject in its length and breadth.
  • Questions would be designed to judge the candidates’ conceptual and interdisciplinary approach more than the factual knowledge. Through 12 sectional tests we can touch each and every aspect of the subjects.
  • 8 Mock tests will be conducted on the pattern of UPSC.
  • Answer hints is designed in three parts.
    • Key Concepts
    • Model Answer
    • Supplementary reading related to key concepts
  • Detailed discussion (4-5 hours) next day of test.
  • Discussion classes are designed in such a way that they can provide value addition on the other related topics of the respective tests. It also includes answer writing approach for every papers.
  • Answer sheets will be evaluated by the experts only.
  • Copy evaluation and feedback system is designed to provide relevant insights and feedback to each candidate as per his/her performance.
  • Evaluation will be done in two week’s time.

Prelims Test Series

Prelims is uncertain now, especilly minus CSAT. This is more about ones’s ability and approach to handle range of information. This stage demands a perfect combination of conceptual clarity as well as factual knowledge. Hence requires a comprehensive strategy for covering the syllabus and discrete areas properly.

We have designed Prelims Test Series to cater such need of aspirants. It will cover complete syllabus in its length and breadth in multi layers of tests; Topical (GS and CSAT), Sectional, Current Affairs + GK and Full Mocks.


Our Faculties are proud alumni of the leading premier institutions in the country including JNU, IITs and IIMs. A team of nine faculty members includes: Manoj K. Jha, H. Bhushan, Dr. Surendra Singh, Dr. Piyush Choubey, Ashutosh Pandey, Saurav Jain, Ravi Pathak , Gaurav Bansal , Harveer Singh, Piyush Kumar Yadav, Narendra Sharma.