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Mains 2017 – Foundation Batch (Paper IV,I, II & III)

Aim for 400+ marks in Mains 2017

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Instructor: Ravi R. Chokkalingam

Institute: Rising IAS

Who should join this Course? Aspirants with basic knowledge of General Studies and those who have completed the Prelims Foundation.

Start Date: 15th December 2016
End Date: 30th July 2017
Subscription Expiry: 25th October, 2017
Class Duration : 3 – 3.5 hours

Study material: Study Material & Class Notes

Looking for module wise classes – Click here for Ethics (Paper IV)

Course Duration:

  • 1st Session: 14th December to 15th April
  • 2nd Session: 27th June to 28th July (Tentative)


The focus will be on ‘WHY IT HAS HAPPENED’ rather than ‘What has happened’.


Why our Mains Foundation batch is ‘THE BEST’ in India?

It is one of most sought after courses for civil services exam preparations in India. It combines the simplicity and lucidness of the Prelims foundation batch and the intensity and analytical nature of the Mains Crash course. The main objective of the batch is to make Mains GS papers an OPPORTUNITY TO SCORE HIGH AND NOT A THREAT. It covers all the four GS papers and Essay. There will be a gradual shift from basics to complex critical evaluations.

It will cover all the dynamic portions in Paper I, Paper II & Paper III apart from Paper IV Ethics which is a combination of both static and dynamic aspects. Topics like World History, Indian History after Independence, World Geography, and Comparisons of Constitutions etc. which are not covered by the students during their PT preparations will also be covered in this batch. Periodic tests and assignments also will be conducted to improve the answer writing skills of the students. 

Course Coverage: 

  1. GS Paper 4 (Ethics) (14th December to 15th January)
  2. GS Paper 1, 2 and 3 (15th Jan – 15th April ; 27th June – 30th July)
  3. Essay  (15th Jan – 15th April)


Contact : 9821711602 for details


Additional Info:

  • In case of extra classes students will be notified on their registered email address.

Course Curriculum

Test Papers
Ethics Class Test 1 00:00:00
Study Material
CH_Ethics_Class Notes 00:00:00
November Science And Tech 00:00:00
December Current Affairs 00:00:00
January Current Affairs 00:00:00
Budget And Economic Classes
Budget and ES – Chokkalingam Lecture 01FREE 02:58:00
Budget and ES – Chokkalingam Lecture 02 03:04:00
Budget and ES – Chokkalingam Lecture 03 03:06:00
Budget and ES – Chokkalingam Lecture 04 02:36:00
Budget and ES – Chokkalingam Lecture 05 02:57:00
Budget and ES – Chokkalingam Lecture 06 03:19:00
Ethics 2017
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-001FREE 02:42:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-002 02:53:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-003 02:34:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-004 02:35:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-005 02:34:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-006 02:39:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-007 02:38:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-008 02:32:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-009 02:46:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-010 02:24:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-011 02:18:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-012 02:35:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-013 02:26:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-014 02:34:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-015 02:26:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-016 02:09:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-017 02:37:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-018 02:17:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-019 02:53:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-020 02:18:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-021 02:29:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-022 02:44:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-023 02:22:00
Ch-Mains2017-Ethics-024 02:36:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-001FREE 02:50:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-002 02:51:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-003 02:47:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-004 02:50:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-005 02:50:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-006 02:56:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-007 02:51:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-008 02:42:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-009 02:53:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-010 02:46:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-011 02:43:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-012 02:54:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-013 02:46:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-014 02:46:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-015 02:47:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-016 02:54:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-017 02:52:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-018 02:53:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-019 02:55:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-020 02:59:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-021 03:01:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-022 02:51:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-023 02:49:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-024 02:49:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-025 03:09:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-026 02:17:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-027 02:36:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-028 02:30:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-029 02:47:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-030 02:24:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-031 02:55:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-032 02:24:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-033 02:38:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-034 02:37:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-035 02:35:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-036 02:31:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-037 02:33:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-038 02:22:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-039 03:20:00
Ch-Mains2017-PaperII-040 03:12:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of vamsidhar

    as far as ir is concerened good analysis thanks flavido for becoming instrumental in bringing this kind of initatives

  2. Profile photo of babita

    This course is really good with extensive coverage of topics on Paper 2, Paper 3. Sir’s discussions are really enriching and lucid. Please provide me details of his Essay Test Series as well. I wish to enrol for that as well.

  3. Profile photo of SONAL

    The way sir explains the issues related to IR is fantastic. And whole of geopolitics can be understood easily. Kind of prints in your mind.

  4. Profile photo of vikas

    Sir’s classes are fabulous where he stresses on imp key points and making even the tedious topics seem easy. His art of holistic backward and forward interlinking of current issues will definitely enrich one’s answer writing. A must for every IAS aspirant !!!

  5. Profile photo of Himanshu

    In my opinion, this course covers a good amount of mains portion in very efficient and effective manner. It is one of the best sources, available in the market, for current affairs.

    I am giving 4 stars instead of 5, because there is need to make video player, better. (Though, even in current form, it serves the purpose)

  6. Profile photo of hitikavasal

    i am so grateful to flavido for offering this platform to all students who can’t go to Delhi. The classes are amazing,crisp and the coverage of topics is vast. Sir correlates different aspects and explains it in great details .
    Thank you

  7. Profile photo of tejesh

    Chokkalingam sir is among better people to study under.

  8. Profile photo of Mudassar

    Chokkalingam sir is one of the best teachers for Mains. I request flavido to arrange a platform for daily answer submission. Online students miss this opportunity as compared to classroom students.

  9. Profile photo of Avinash Kishore

    classes are very good till now and exaustive too.

  10. Profile photo of rose mary

    Classes are good. The topics are covered comprehensively. Sir is doing IR very well. Infact it makes newspaper reading about IR topics a cake walk. No complaints about the quality of the classes.

    Thank you flavido for channelising this platform for the benefit of aspirants staying out of Delhi. but reducing one star as u can do more better. Create platform for Online student to submit their answers!

  11. Profile photo of phoenix

    1.necessary background is given wherever required.
    2.Facts provided to support the answer
    3.current affairs are interlinked to maximum possible extent.

  12. Profile photo of Vipul Singh

    Pros:Exhaustive coverage,covers every dimensions,gives lot of examples, Also covers current event happened on the same day,In-depth Knowledge.

    Cons: Almost 3hr Lecture,speaks very fast u may have to pause lecture many times and also if u r making running notes then u may be writing whole time but some time it gets difficult to know whether to write what he is saying or not)

    *You may feel like leaving it in between as consuming a lot of time but just hang till end,u ll gain a lot if u want to compare just watch any related topic on RSTV u ll get to know the range and depth he has covered.

  13. Profile photo of Aniket

    The coverage of the topics is really comprehensive.The teaching style is good.Flavido’s platform and video quality are fine as well.All in all,quite satisfied with the course till now.

  14. Profile photo of LAVE GUPTA

    Exhaustive coverage regarding material. Sir ensures consolidation from many sources. I would like to request Sir to issue some handouts of gist/synopsis of every discussion.

    Also 5 stars for to FLAVIDO for setting up the infrastructure was such courses.

  15. Profile photo of Wolf_Edmunds

    Everybody makes mistakes and no one is perfect.It stands true in terms of flavido also.There seems to be a lot of issues with the platform technically and otherwise.BUT WHAT MAKES THEM STAND APART IS THE THEIR DEDICATION TO THEIR CAUSE AND WILLINGNESS TO LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND QUICKLY RECTIFY THEM.A case in point is how they added features like fwd&rewind 10s, 1.5x,2x speed playing WITHIN 24 HOURS OF POINTING THEM OUT.The way they switched mikes in the class,enabled low resolution video viewing for hassle free viewing all stands testimony to their desire to see this platform grow.This is what is truly expected of them and they are quite aware of it seems.WISHING THEM LUCK AND HOPING THAT THEY WONT BECOME COMPLACENT AND WILL CONTINUE THEIR GOOD RUN.

  16. Profile photo of Vinay

    Out of 20 lectures attended, got good command over many issues and topics. Thanks flavido for arranging such classes

  17. Profile photo of sridhar mavuluri

    so far very good coverage of topics.. waiting eagerly since two days for the upload of new classes…for this one less star.. video quality is good..

  18. Profile photo of Prashant

    Well done and thanks Chokalingam sir+ flavido team

  19. Profile photo of Harish

    Sir, your classes are simply superb. I for the first time understood how to actually prepare for mains and link things. Last year, I got completely lost in the current affairs booklets of various coaching classes and ended nowhere. By listening to your lectures, I now feel that my understanding of various issues has improved by leaps and bounds.
    Thanks a lot sir and flavido team for making this so easy.

  20. Profile photo of Pally

    Rather than being confined to current affairs only, it seems more like a comprehensive GS course. Sir scales up each topic from ground zero to the highest analytical level. A must for each student for acing mains at one go.

  21. Profile photo of adityaranjan

    AIR 99, 2014

    I attended Current Affairs Mains classes at Rising IAS. Chokkalingam Sir’s Economy, IR, Polity issues really helped me score higher in GS papers. I would highly recommend his Current Affairs looking for real value addition to future aspirants.

  22. Profile photo of lingarajpanda

    AIR 38, 2014

    Chokkalingam Sir current affairs were instrumental in strengthening my Economic Issues & International Relations which had been my conventional weak areas, as I had no background in this.

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