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Current Affairs Online Classes (Prelims-2017) – Weekend Batch

100% Current Affairs Coverage for Prelims 2017

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New Batch will start from 1st July for 2018

Instructor: Mr. Ravi R. Chokkalingam
Program : This is an Online version of offline classroom Program designed to cover entire current affairs for Prelims 2017.  This course is a must-have for students preparing for Prelims 2017.

Start Date: 21st August 2016
End Date : 15 May 2017
Subscription Expiry: 20 June 2017
Study Material: Class Notes (Will be made available after course is over for Revision)
Class Duration : 3 – 3.5 hours

Course Coverage
The Program will cover following areas:

  • International Issues
  • National Issues
  • Economic & Social Development
  • Budget and Economic Survey 2017 – 4 to 5 Classes
  • Science & Tech
  • Environment
  • Sports
  • Personalities & Places , Awards & Books
  • Miscellaneous

The Course will cover

  • The Hindu , Indian Express & PIB till May
  • All Foreign Visits of Prime Minister , Presidents, regional and global meets
  • Historical background will also be covered

Additional Info:
In case of extra classes students will be notified on their registered email address.

Course Curriculum

Study Material
November Science And Tech Details 00:00:00
Mock Test Details 00:00:00
December Current Affairs Details 00:00:00
January Current Affairs Details 00:00:00
Current Affairs Classes
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L1 Details 00:44:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L2 Details 03:00:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L3 DetailsFREE 03:00:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L4 Details 02:56:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L5 Details 03:00:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L6 Details 03:05:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L7 Details 02:59:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L8 Details 02:57:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L9 Details 03:11:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L10 Details 02:54:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L11 Details 03:04:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L12 Details 03:09:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L13 Details 03:00:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L14 Details 02:31:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L15 Details 02:19:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L16 Details 02:47:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L17 Details 02:59:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L18 Details 02:59:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L19 Details 03:00:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L20 Details 02:45:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L21 Details 02:39:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L22 Details 02:41:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L23 Details 03:05:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L24 Details 02:53:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L25 Details 02:54:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L26 Details 02:57:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L27 Details 02:54:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L28 Details 03:06:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L35 Details 02:51:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L36 Details 03:02:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L37 Details 02:51:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L38 Details 03:03:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L39 Details 03:03:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L40 Details 03:00:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L41 Details 02:43:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L42 Details 02:38:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L43 Details 02:47:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L44 Details 02:47:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L45 Details 02:35:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L46 Details 03:00:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L47 Details 02:54:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L48 Details 02:58:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L49 Details 03:05:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L50 Details 03:31:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L51 Details 02:48:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L52 Details 02:29:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L53 Details 02:30:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L54 Details 02:27:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L55 Details 02:56:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L56 Details 02:47:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L57 Details 02:22:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L58 Details 03:20:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L59 Details 03:20:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L60 Details 02:49:00
Budget And Economic Survey 2017
Budget and ES – Chokkalingam Lecture 01 DetailsFREE 02:58:00
Budget and ES – Chokkalingam Lecture 02 Details 03:04:00
Budget and ES – Chokkalingam Lecture 03 Details 03:06:00
Budget and ES – Chokkalingam Lecture 04 Details 02:36:00
Budget and ES – Chokkalingam Lecture 05 Details 02:57:00
Budget and ES – Chokkalingam Lecture 06 Details 03:19:00
Backup Classes
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L05 Details 03:07:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L06 Details 02:47:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L07 Details 02:43:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L08 Details 02:50:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L09 Details 02:34:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L20 Details 03:11:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L22 Details 02:52:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L23 Details 02:55:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L24 Details 02:46:00
CH-CA-Prelims2017-L26 Details 02:35:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of listing

    very good course.......

    Exhaustive, Necessary Information, facts, way of teaching is good. All makes it a must have. Cons : One lecture sound issue

  2. Profile photo of babita

    Best course for Prelims Current Affairs

    The course is like a refresher module after a week’s of newspaper reading. After 5 classes I now have an understanding which topics are important from examination point of view and which one’s to be skipped. Chokkalingam Sir’s background coverage & interlinkinking of issues is excellent. Thanks Flavido

  3. Profile photo of Hitman

    Teacher is excellent.

    For newbies, it is highly resourceful as not only does he teach the relevant current affairs but also how we have to view everyday news articles from an aspirant’s perspective.

    The second class has some audio glitch. Subsequent videos however have perfect audio quality.I have a 16mbps connection so I had no video viewing troubles.Also,learning this way saves time as one can fast forward ,skip what one already knows while sitting at home.

    Great stuff !!

  4. Profile photo of mn

    Prelims current affairs topics and mains answer writing topics are almost the same

  5. Profile photo of SANJAY

    Excellent course for prelims..

    The course is excellent..Exhaustive coverage of current events with solid foundation building for overall GS mains

  6. Profile photo of vamsidhar

    the most comprehensive course for prelims current

    in the initial days i tought of giving up the course as i was not satisfied with the content,slowly as sir give broder view how he is going to complete the current and linking with static part of the past.i really loved the course and best course for pre current affairs coverage.i express my gratitude to team flavido

  7. Profile photo of koyal

    Best for CA !

    Current Affairs (Prelims-2017) – Weekend Batch by Ravi Chokkalingam
    My grip on current affairs has soared exponentially after joining this course under the guidance of Chokkalingam sir. He makes it so easy and fluid. I used to cover current affair on my own but to compile everything about a particular topic replete with full background consumed most of my energy reserves. Now, all I have to do is make notes from his class and revise them. My current affairs is sorted now and it has never looked better.

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