Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by

While we will make every effort to fulfill the orders you have placed, in certain cases reserves the right to cancel orders in the following cases:-

  • When products goes out of stock with our supplier or seller or partner brand.
  • When there is limited Quantity available for Purchase
  • When we have restrictions on the quantity or number or orders As per T&C
  • When the address and/or contact details provided by you are inaccurate or insufficient.
  • When our delivery partners do not service your location. Currently we have limited supply in the North East and Jammu & Kashmir.

Cancellation by the Customer

While we are working towards providing you a seamless cancellation option, currently orders once placed

  • In case we receive a cancellation notice from you and the order has not been processed by us, we will be happy to cancel the order and refund the entire amount to you. We will not be able to cancel those orders that have already been processed and shipped by us.
  • Refunds usually take 7-10 business days as of now. Some nationalized banks may take more time than usual to credit the refund.